2024-06-10 A list of lists

2023-07-13 Me again

2023-07-01 Spare computer, architecture, e-ink

2023-03-17 Happy 2023. Here are 37 tips from 2022

2022-11-06 Kiwi New Wave, how great index cards are, the hyperlinked Whole Earth Catalogue

2022-10-13 Gradient Descent AAR // 01

2022-10-12 ½ doz. newsletter links for Lesley

2022-10-09 What I’ve been thinking about

2022-09-21 Respecting your RPG group’s time

2022-09-16 Gradient Descent new campaign handout

2022-09-13 Now you can get site updates by e-mail, if that’s something you want to do

2022-09-07 Conversation follow-up: perfume links for Ally

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2022-08-20 Don’t call it a comeback

2020-06-08 Magic is a Heady Wine: unsorted ideas for a Regency letter-writing RPG

2020-06-02 Mothership AAR: Something to Burn // 01

2020-05-31 d10 Poker Minigame for Mothership

2020-05-27 Mothership Campaign Pitch: SOMETHING TO BURN

2020-04-24 Pitch your campaign to your players (feat. my pitch for a Klondike OSR setting)

2020-01-30 1d12 other forms potions can take

2019-10-17 MALL RATS: unsorted ideas for a Maze Rats campaign set in an INFINITE DEAD MALL