Sites are categorised by which ones I think of as belonging together rather than any actual connection they might share. Maybe tags would be a better than headings. Most of these guys I keep up with through RSS feeds. I use Liferea, but I’m thinking of switching to Fraidycat.

My own web directory. I try to link to top-level sites where I think the whole website is worth taking the time to look through — evergreen’ rather than deciduous’ content. A few of the sites haven’t been updated in years, but the stuff that’s on them means they’re still worth reading. Not sure what to do about deciduous’ articles and web pages as of yet. Maybe I’ll get Pinboard.

Around the WWW

Anything that doesn’t fit neatly into another category.

Personal websites

Homepages, blogs, small directories, and digital gardens / note systems.


Surprisingly hard these days to find websites which talk intelligently about clothes without trying to sell anything. A lot of these sites aren’t only about fashion; they’re also about the authors’ hobbies and interests. Peoples’ clothes reflect their lives.

Tabletop role-playing games

A few years ago most of these guys would have been called old-school revival” bloggers, but that label isn’t really popular any more. Some of the best of the OSR (like Mothership and Mausritter) isn’t actually old-school” at all. Let’s say OSR here means open-source roleplaying” and leave it at that.


I get enough e-mails. All the newsletters I read have RSS feeds — Substack and some other platforms generate them automatically and Notifier can take care of the rest.

Podcasts & videos

I find it hard to listen to podcasts; I’m always doing something else while they play in the background and then I find I need to rewind the last 30 minutes because I haven’t taken anything in. Open to suggestions on this.

Window shopping

Most of the shops listed here sell clothes, because that’s what I spend my money on.