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2022-09-16 ✢ MothershipRPGGradient DescentRPG handouts

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CEP = Common Economic Protocol. Enables co-existence of, and efficient trade between, megacorps. Established in aftermath of the first Zaibatsu War.

WARNING: The contents of this message are confidential. Any unauthorised access or distribution to any third party is strictly prohibited. Unauthorised personnel will be located and punished per the CEP.

Many Matundai contractors are recruited through the Jubilee’ programme: the company buys crippling personal debt en masse and consolidates it into a single repayment contract.

MATSUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES is happy to offer you the opportunity to continue work on your Extended Repayment Contract by completing a simple search-and-retrieve task:

Most people will never handle Protocol Dollars (₱). It is much more common to be paid in franchise scrip.

Preliminary reports suggest an ~80% universal conversion rate.

Gradient Descent comes with the following content warnings: Scenes of graphic violence, body horror, emotional trauma, psychological distress, obscene language and harm to android children.

If you’re reading this you might want to play in a new Mothership campaign I’m running. We’ll be playing through Gradient Descent by Luke Gearing et al., a sci-fi megadungeon set in an abandoned (?) android manufacturing plant.

If you’ve never played Mothership before: it’s a sci-fi horror game where you play as blue-collar workers in a bad future. It’s Alien, and you’re Ripley. It’s about the lonely hugeness of space and whether a computer can be conscious and the constant and crushing pressure of your life being controlled by vast impersonal forces you can’t understand or influence. It’s a lot of fun.

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