Don’t call it a comeback

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Site’s back. Between leaving school and the Global Pandemic I stopped running and playing tabletop RPGs almost entirely. (I like the idea of online games, but I’ve never enjoyed one in practice.) Just started getting back into the hobby on a smaller scale, and I missed sending people my RPG campaigns page again. Also, I missed having and using my own website.

I’m not really into long text conversations most of the time. My favourite way of interacting with people by message is to send them links. With that in mind:

Site updates

Audio/Video club

You shouldn’t let poets lie to you.”

John Fahey goes electric. Check out the rest of the album, and see also the liner notes.


Ad Reinhardt, from ‘How to Look at Art, Arts & Architecture’, 1946Ad Reinhardt, from ‘How to Look at Art, Arts & Architecture’, 1946