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I can’t think of a computer I’d rather have break on me, mind you. laptops are designed to be repaired, hacked, and upgraded — it even comes with a screwdriver so you can take it apart. It only took a few e-mails to support for them to send me the part I needed, under warranty.

My daily-driver laptop — a 13 — carked it a few days ago, and while I’m waiting for a replacement part I’m back to using my spare computer: a ThinkPad T420. People who like old ThinkPads really like them: they have a nice crunchy keyboard, the kind they don’t put into new laptops anymore, they’re nigh-indestructable, you can hotswap the battery and repair or upgrade them really easily — they’re great. (Also some people really like the little red keyboard nub, apparently.)

This particular T420s showing its age a bit, though. It’s got a low-res screen which zaps my eyes for some reason, and it doesn’t work as a laptop any more: if I disconnect the charging cable, the computer dies in about five minutes. So for the time being I’m effectively using a very slow desktop with a very small, fuzzy screen. Also — my fault for not doing proper backups — I don’t have my new passwords in my password manager, don’t have the last few weeks of notes in Obsidian, and I don’t at the moment have my drafts for new blog posts. (Hopefully they’ll survive the laptop dying.) Anyway, maybe that’s for the best. My draft posts were getting too long, anyway. So here’s what I’m thinking about right now:

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