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Busy lately, doing all the things I promised myself I’d do when summer started. Fell down the note-taking rabbit hole. This had been on the horizon since the beginning of last year, when I found out about the online Zettelkasten’ scene. Most of the people I’ve seen setting up digital notes systems are STEM types, but it should also be useful for the humanities/literary criticism stuff I do. (Umberto Eco, Nabokov, Georges Perec, and Roberto Calasso are interesting models for this way of using notes.) I use Obsidian, because everyone uses Obsidian.

That’s probably why I’ve been thinking a lot lately about index cards. (One or two relevant links below.) It’s difficult to articulate what I find so appealing about them except that they’re probably the best analogue tool for cataloguing, storing, and sorting little discrete pieces of information. Because they’re actual tangible objects, you can do things like shuffle them or fold down a corner or write in disappearing ink or singe the edges or nail them to the wall or wear it secretly between your chest and your shirt, pressing against your heart, or you could throw them down the stairs and collect the ones that land face-up or hide them in your cornflakes so you’ll see them one morning at random or spray perfume on certain cards so you can tell them apart by smell or smear the edges with a deadly poison or shave the deck so you can pull the right card out in the dark or write notes on sandpaper so they ruin the cards next to them or or or.

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