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First thing: Maya at uploaded a response to one of my RPG posts! Go read it, it’s very good. I don’t have webmentions or anything set up (I’m not even sure they work on blot), so I only saw this just now when I spotted it in her RSS feed.

And of course the urban fantasy counterpart would be set in the 90s, done in ballpoint pen on lined notebook paper, and the gazette would be a lofi photocopy zine.

I love 90s urban fantasy, even though in my head it’s always set in London for some reason. Too many Vertigo comics growing up, I guess.

Still working on a format for these short update posts. I want to have a place where I collect all the links I’ve found lately, but each post feels a bit thin if it’s only links and nothing else. Most of the RPG blogs I follow (see linkroll) in particular are good about including something interesting with every post. Maybe it would be better to post more often with fewer links and more commentary?

In other news

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First saw this lecture a few years ago; found it in my bookmarks and found myself watching it all the way through again. Stewart Lee is always good value. Also worth watching for the bit where he says he doesn’t know what an app” is.