When I was about thirteen I made a wiki with my friends and it was all so much fun. I have rarely enjoyed myself online so much since.

Why make your own website?

Because social media companies aren’t your friend and it’s nice to have somewhere you can do what you like. Lots of examples of personal websites I find cool in my linkroll. Many are blogs, but don’t feel like your site has to be a stream of timestamped posts; you could also make evergreen’ web pages you come back to and change over time (like this one), or a personal wiki, or a hypertext adventure.

If you’re even a bit interested in the idea, the best start is to get started. Once you have your own place on the web (doesn’t have to be fancy), you can start to use your website and tweak it in a way that works for you. I started my site as an RPG blog and since then I’ve used it to:

It’s not hard to do — I do liberal arts, not tech — and it’s worth doing. Get amongst.